About me

Nationality: Koean

Education: Columbia Business School (MBA), Class of 2017 / Sookmyung Women’s University (BE), Class of 2008


Work experience:

①Startup Company (2011 – 2015).

Joined Pet Book, a startup company in South Korea. Pet book is a mobile platform provider that provides a mobile application of pet caring system to customers. My position as a Chief Strategy Officer in the company was to develop a new product and marketing process.

②Mirae Asset Securities financial company (2008 – 2011)
Joined Mirae Asset which is the biggest financial company in South Korea and worked in the Bond settlement team. I was calculating the price of daily bond transactions and verifying the validity of these transactions.

What do you do now?

An MBA candidate at Columbia Business School (Class of 2017)


What is your ambition in life?
Helping women who are interested in going forward in their career in the financial industry or in startups is my ambition in my life.


What does “leaning in” mean to you?
For me, “leaning in” means challenge. That’s because leaning in to the world means that I have to overcome barriers that I face and try to challenge the new things I have never been experienced. I was born, studied, and worked in South Korea, but I decided to study abroad and finally moved to the US for MBA program.


What encourages you to lean in?
My family always encourages me to lean in. My brother who lives in Tokyo had been an amateur car racer, but he had to give up his dream as an F-1 racer because of the massive earthquake in Japan in 2011. He had decided to enter a university in Japan and he finally got accepted. His attitude and mindset encourages me to challenge the world I had never been experienced. Whenever we meet, we try to give an inspiration each other, which made me to apply to a business school.


What would you do if you weren't afraid?
If I weren’t afraid, I would try to help women in poor countries to study and develop their career.